Our brand has been spun off from PHU Kazmar company and our goal is to obtain new export markets for high quality meat produced in Poland. 

Due to a multi-year collaboration with the best meat processing plants in Poland (as a direct supplier of animals for slaughter) we know its source very well. Our activities include innovation in the supply chain of live animals for breeding, then to a slaughterhouse and, later, the meat for the target client, what means that we are present at every stage of production and on a regular basis we can control the quality of the final product. The meat in our offer comes from Polish, proven breeding and is carefully selected. Europe's Meats is a key trading partner of the largest Polish producers of poultry, pork, beef, lamb andveal. Due to excellent cooperation and market knowledge we constantly offer all items available on the market-, what allows us to meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Our mission is to connect the individual needs and taste preferences of the client with high quality offered by our products. A wide range of Europe's Meats, including Halal meat, makes every potential customer find something attractive. For our part, we do everything to provide you with the best product, consistent with your expectations and issued with all necessary certificates . Our staff are heavily dedicated to their work and in accordance with the policy of the company shall endeavor to ensure the highest quality products for consumers all around the world. Our priority is to maintain high international standards. Licensed supervision and inspection during production enable us to guarantee the highest quality

Poland is a country which has an international reputation in the field of the maintenance the highest standards of safety and quality of food, and one of the leading manufacturers of meat on the European market. Europe's Meats priority is to keep this tradition. The meat industry in Poland is based mainly on the domestic market. Our country is currently the largest producer and a leading exporter of poultry in the EU and one from the European champions in pig production. The production process is under constant supervision of the veterinary inspection and complies with the most rigorous quality assurance system. Polish beef, in turn, offers the best quality/price ratio, customers around the world appreciate its unique delicacy and flavor. So, it is not surprising that 80% of Polish beef production is exported. Countries which already have discovered the qualities of our meat include Italy, France, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Germany and Russia. Polish consumers of meat and milk products very highly assess the quality and safety of these products with a unique sensory sensations and aesthetics.